Unfortunately more than half of all marriages in the U.S. end in divorce. The results often prove staggering for most men, statistically leaving them in dire straits once divorce proceedings are reached. Melissa L. Isaak Attorney at Law continues to turn those same statistics around dramatically. This is safe legal counsel from the desk of Melissa L. Isaak for men to protect themselves during divorce litigations.

  • Documentation – It is extremely important to become committed to recording facts, figures, behavior, and events regardless of their significance. If you call to speak to your child or children you need to log it in a journal. Document the date, the time, the duration, and the basic theme of the conversation. Document any thoughts and/or observations that you might have once the conversation is concluded. Documentation is the fundamental key to success.

  • Protect Financial Assets – Should there be joint credit cards involved as they often are, these joint financial assets should be terminated immediately. Each individual should arrange to get new cards solely in their own names. If previous joint debt cannot be paid off request that the accounts must be frozen by the lender. This ensures that no more debt will be accumulated by either of you. However, if you happen to be just a named user on your spouse’s credit card account ask for your name to be removed from it immediately. Should you find yourself in a situation where you are unable to make credit card payments through illness or loss of work during litigation proceedings immediately contact the creditors. The strategy here is to work out payment arrangements when able to do so avoiding a bad credit rating.

  • Involvement – You must be involved in your case from the beginning. You should never permit your divorce attorney to handle your case on his or her own, without direct consultation from you. YOU are your own best advocate when it comes to your case.

  • Visitation – Never lose the connection or bond with your children regardless of your spouse’s unadvised legal actions during divorce proceedings. Visit with your children as often as possible. Never let your spouse keep your children from you, they are just as much yours as they are your spouses. If necessary, a temporary order for visitation may be filed with the court to prevent this from occurring. Accusations made against you for abandonment can result in worse case scenarios.

  • Surveillance – Audible or visual surveillance can really make or break a divorce case. You owe it to yourself to purchase a small digital recorder to capture “in the moment” situations. You can even plug audio recording devices into your main phone so that no conversation takes place without proper documentation. In Alabama, you are allowed to record conversations as long as one party to the conversation knows it is being recorded. If your spouse produces questionable behavior visually record it. Video cameras are staples in today’s hand held cellular devices. Sometimes your wife can be your best witness!